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S&K Subsidiaries Awarded Two Contracts by Federal Emergency Management Agency

St. Ignatius, Montana – March 2024 – The S&K Technologies, Inc. family of companies is proud to announce the recent award of two contracts supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Subsidiary S&K Federal Services, LLC (SKFS) secured a $916,000 construction contract with FEMA for the renovation of three guard houses located in Anniston, AL at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (formerly Fort McClellan). The existing guardhouses will be disposed of and replaced with prefabricated houses. Exterior touchups will be completed to give them a welcoming, FEMA branded appearance. With the new guardhouses in place, SKFS will reinstall camera surveillance systems and their associated power systems.

“This contract marks our first work supporting FEMA,” said Will Carroll, SKFS President. “By demonstrating the standard of quality, service, and rates that our company is known for, we hope to leverage this work into further business growth with the agency.”

The second contract was awarded to Snow Eagle Group (SEG), a joint venture comprised of subsidiary S&K Mission Support (SKMS) and another private contractor, ABS Consulting. The team will provide Strategic Data Support Services under the contract, valued at $13.3M. These services include data governance, accessibility, control, compliance, and other related tasks.

“Snow Eagle Group is excited to announce this award,” said John Denny, SKMS President. “We’re able to leverage our combined capabilities to help FEMA meet its planning goals and compliance requirements.”

About S&K Federal Services and S&K Mission Support SKFS and SKMS are subsidiaries of S&K Technologies, Inc., one of the nation’s leading small business government contractors in aerospace, IT, construction, and other sectors. The S&K Technologies, Inc. is owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) with headquarters in St. Ignatius, Montana. Contracts such as these result in considerable economic gains for their CSKT shareholder, ultimately providing support for endeavors like education, job opportunities, social programs, and investments within the Reservation and neighboring communities.


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